Software Integration

Bringing together your applications and data

The ability to buy an application and run it has become simple and cost effective, especially with Software as a Service being as good as it is.

Never before have there been so many great applications and solutions available to a business. The challenge is, how do you make them work together, especially if they're not designed to? Metatec can help you integrate your line of business applications together and provide a rich digital experience to your customers.

No organisation desire's the time lost or risk of inaccuracy by having to manually integrate data or double key.

We've got experience integrating real-time and batch, new and old and can work with you on:

  • Moving files with FTPS, FTP, SFTP
  • Exposing integration points with Web based API
  • Developing code to connect bespoke systems
  • Creating a shared repository such as a database
  • Data Mapping from one system to another
  • File and document format transformation