Data, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Analytics

Create a data driven decision making organisation.

With the right approach, culture, support and infrastructure, an organisation can drive competitive advantage with data. Using data to support decision making can remove some of the uncertainty and help prioritise business efforts.

Most organisations have stockpiles of data or ways of creating it, but the question is what do you do with it? Data has become a major differentiator and organisations that excel in the future will be those that leverage it to understand there past performance, model, predict or prescribe actions for the future and give insight to aid decision making.

Metatec can help you organise, structure, analyse, present and use your data:

  • Build the Data Strategy
  • Create the Infrastructure for storage, processing and sharing
  • Create dashboards and reports in tools such as PowerBI, Excel, PDF
  • Put in place security for your data
  • Write software to expose your data via API's
  • Integrate your data and dashboards
  • Create automation and software to move and refresh data

Data Strategy

One of the best places for an organisation to start is data strategy.

It's important to have a plan on how your organisation will embrace a rich data economy by establishing who will manage and integrate your data, who will create the data models and update them, decide what infrastructure you're going to use and how you'll get the data there.

Using our experience, we can work with you to build a data strategy and implement it.