Information Security and Compliance

The more sophisticated our societies, business services and customer engagements become, the greater the need to think about how you work and engage online securely. Regardless if you're a small business or a large enterprise, you have to assume you'll experience a security incident. Its a matter of when, not if!

If you're looking for help creating an Information or Cyber Security Strategy, looking for re-assurance that what your doing is enough, need a maturity assessment, advice on where to start or generally need to talk to someone, Metatec can help.

We've helped organisations with:

  • Building Information Security Policies
  • Identifying where technology needs improving
  • Highlighting gaps in security posture
  • Introducing security to the development lifecycle
  • Helping Developers to code securely
  • Completing Application and Infrastructure vulnerability analysis
  • Running security projects to implement new tools
  • Planning pro-active and reactive processes

Whether you need help deciding where to start, getting a second opinion or generally need advice on Information Security, we can help.